Badge Sponsor at Brain Ukraine 2021 – Vorwarts Pharma Pharmaceutical Company Badge Sponsor at Brain Ukraine 2021 – Vorwarts Pharma Pharmaceutical Company

On October 12, Kyiv will host a conference on the capabilities of the human brain – Brain Ukraine 2021. Vorwarts Pharma – a European pharmaceutical company will become a Badge Sponsor at the event.

Vorwarts Pharma presents unique dietary supplements and prescription drugs on the Ukrainian market. Today, the company has more than 40 products of foreign and domestic production.

To maintain the health of the nervous system and normalize metabolic processes in brain tissues, Vorwarts Pharma clients choose the Cognitium neuroprotector. It helps to improve memory, attention, learning ability and information analysis, increase stress resistance, reduce irritability and protect nerve cells from damage.

In addition, the company carries out a wide range of business activities in the pharmaceutical sector: production, distribution, etc.

Vorwarts Pharma values ​​its reputation built over the years. The quality of its products and a high level of customer focus are confirmed by honorary awards. In 2016, one of the company's dietary supplements was nominated in the Gold Leadership category for quality and value. In 2019, Vorwarts Pharma received an honorary award in the category Partnership – a strategy for success at the congress of pharmacists of Ukraine. In 2020, the company was ranked second in the top 20 dietary supplement marketing organizations.

Join Brain Ukraine 2021 to learn how to improve cognitive function and make your brain work as efficiently as possible.

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