‘You Can Use Cognitium to Maintain Productivity During the Mid-Season’ – Natalia Ivanova, Product Manager at Vorwarts Pharma ‘You Can Use Cognitium to Maintain Productivity During the Mid-Season’ – Natalia Ivanova, Product Manager at Vorwarts Pharma

To keep the brain working and improve its functions, doctors prescribe neuroprotectors. One of these medications is supplied to the Ukrainian market by the European pharmaceutical company Vorwarts Pharma. It will become a Badge Sponsor at Brain Ukraine 2021, which will take place on October 12 in Kyiv.

Approaching the conference, product manager at Vorwarts Pharma Natalia Ivanova gave an exclusive interview to the event team. The expert spoke about Cognitium – a drug, which allows you to maintain the state of the nervous system and normalizes metabolic processes in the brain tissues. Natalia shared how the neuroprotector can help combat the autumn blues and improve cognitive function after suffering from COVID-19.

The interviewer: Brain Ukraine (BU)

The respondent: Natalia Ivanova (N.I.)

BU: What activities is Vorwarts Pharma involved in? What products does it represent on the Ukrainian market?

N.I.: It provides a wide range of services in the field of pharmaceutical business:

  • analyzes trends on the pharmaceutical market;

  • introduces new products to the market;

  • develops strategies for promoting products on the market.

Vorwarts Pharma products are represented by medical drugs and dietary supplements. Among them, the most famous are Betargin, Hyalera, Mamalac, Bewell, Axotrof, Cognitium.

Company brands are produced at GMP-certified facilities in Europe, Ukraine and other countries.

BU: As for Cognitium, how does it differ from other drugs that support the functioning of the nervous system?

N.I.: Cognitium N-acetyl L-aspartic acid (175 mg) is an amino acid normally present in the tissues of the human brain. Its amount can vary with age and depend on the degree of mental stress of a person.

Cognitium replenishes the lost reserves of aspartic acid in the body, helping to improve memory, attention, concentration, and to prevent physiological aging of the brain.

BU: What are the benefits of the medication for schoolchildren, enrollees and students under the strong mental stress? Is it addictive?

N.I.: Under strong mental stress, it helps to concentrate and not fall into panic, which often occurs among schoolchildren, enrollees and students due to strong emotional pressure.

The drug is neither addictive nor has a withdrawal symptom, and this is its main advantage over all other products.

BU: Are there any counterindications to use Cognitium?

N.I.: Individual intolerance to aspartic acid may be a contraindication to use Cognitium.

BU: Cognitive functions are believed to be impaired after suffering from COVID-19. What do you need to do to restore them?

N.I.: Yes, that's right, today the problem of loss of cognitive functions after suffering from COVID-19 is so global that scientists around the world are developing many different activities in the form of testing, training and various new products to restore cognitive functions.

Cognitium is the only physiological neuroprotector in Ukraine that helps to prevent the loss of cognitive functions during the illness and helps restore them after an illness.

BU: Please give some tips on how to maintain high productivity during the mid-season.

N.I.: You can use Cognitium to maintain productivity during the mid-season.

BU: How can an office worker deal with the autumn blues?

N.I.: To fight the autumn blues, of course, you need to devote more time to yourself, walk more often in the fresh air and use physical activity. You can also use Cognitium to lift your mood and stabilize the nervous system.

BU: Vorwarts Pharma will become a Badge Sponsor at Brain Ukraine 2021, and the company representative, Lyudmyla Turova will be the speaker at the conference. What will she talk about?

N.I.: At the conference, the famous geneticist, nutritionist, doctor of the highest category Lyudmyla Turova will talk about the genetic nature of human brain abilities, as well as the possibilities of influencing the development and maintenance of these abilities.

Note. Be sure to check with your doctor before using the medication.

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